The LX 9070 is a larger version of the well-known LX9000 with an extremely bright, 7” colour display. It comes in a package with a V8 variometer (optionally with V9 or V80). A very large anti-glare Touch screen (optionally) brings a lot of comfort during the flight and fits into all common gliders. An automatic light sensor adjusts the brightness and optimizes the power consumption.

LX Nav – The Pilots choice

Manufacturer of innovative, high performance aircraft navigation systems, variometers and flight recorders incorporating state of the art technology.


PowerMouse is a more powerful stand-alone box hidden behind/below the cockpit dashboard. It has an integrated USB port which is easier to use than the SD card slot. It has a built in Bluetooth module which works with Android and iOS, a GPS module and the option of an IGC flight recorder with internal pressure sensor. The PowerMouse is based on PowerFLARM technology. A second FLARM antenna option and ADS-B (mode S) module are also available.

The Nano4 

is the first retina touchscreen flight recorder from the NANO series. Fly without any cables and chargers! A 2800mAh battery serves up to 25h with advanced power management. The Nano4 has 7 buttons for easy handling in turbulent air. All handling can be done via the Touchscreen or these 7 buttons.

LX Nav eCopilot

The LXNav eCopilot is designed for LSA, UL and experimental aircraft and offers a modular system that is customisable to your needs – Make it yours!

S100 Standalone Variometer

Stand-alone (80mm) digital variometer with final glide calculator, IGC flight recorder, Bluetooth, backup battery and navigation system with moving map.