Cobra Trailer

Cobra Trailers are available appropriate to each glider type and in various sizes and designs in accordance with your needs.

Aircraft Covers

As the Australian supplier of Kerry Covers we are always expanding our inventory and offer a variety of high quality, affordable and user friendly Aircraft Covers. Quick-tie systems allow for easy fitting, with hail protection covers offering the highest level of protection. 

The most innovative wing walker on the market with 360 degree rotation!
Universal profile – for single or double seater.

Seals and Tapes

A wide variety of Mylars, Turbulator tapes, Double-sided tapes, Cover tapes and Tesa tapes for all your aircraft sealing needs!

ESA Systems

ESA systems is a family run company in its second generation focusing on the development and manufacture of probes for General Aviation.

In the gliding community, Tost is a synonym for safety in aviation for decades – due to towing and launching equipment, wheels and tow releases which are 100 % reliable.