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Schempp-Hirth is a leading manufacturer of high-performance gliders with more than 80 years of experience. The airplanes are mainly built manually in skilled craftsmanship and are increasingly equipped with innovative engine systems that can help to span areas of bad thermal conditions or even allow to launch the glider without the need of a tow-plane.

Our Sailplanes

Ventus 3 Range

Look forward to a flight experience like you have never felt before. Effortlessly call on incredible performance. Honest, direct feedback provides you with a reassuring sense of reliability. Combine this with unrivalled agility and become one with the glider to uncover hidden potential. 

Discus Range

The long tradition of the Discus as the leading Standard Class glider has been taken over and deepened by the Discus-2. While continuously reaching top positions at World Championships, European Championships and Nationals, its pleasant handling has also made it popular as an all-round glider.

The Front Electric Sustainer (FES) electrical engine now also provides the Discus-2c with an environment-friendly, silent and intuitive to use insurance agains unwanted outlandings. Starting immediately and almost impossible to operate wrongly, this system – in combination with the Discus-2c’s perfect control balance and well-known harmonic flight characteristics – provides the ideal solution for both ambitious competitive pilots and day-to-day usage in a gliding club.

Arcus Range

Performance benchmarks in the Two-Seater Class have been re-defined by the Arcus. Whether clubs are aiming to achieve OLC top positions or privat pilots plan record flights, competition results or interesting safari flights – the Arcus provides the ideal means to put these ideas into practice. The joint flight experience will double your pleasure and success. 

Duo Discus Range

Easy to fly, comfortable, handy, agile – with outstanding performance: The Duo-Discus XL is the perfect device for enjoying flights together, whether in syndicates, in the family or in daily gliding club operation.

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